Hi, I’m Jean Schara. When Young Living entered my life in October 2015, I signed up to help my mom. I didn’t know much about oils, and what I thought I knew was not FDA-compliant. I had heard amazing things about essential oils. I knew they’d been used since Biblical times for many purposes, but, frankly, without knowledge, I was concerned about buying just any oil. Before signing up, I checked with a friend who I knew had studied these things more intently than I, and she confirmed what I now know — Young Living is trustworthy. I learned about the Seed To Seal guarantee, then I found the website — SeedToSeal.com. They lay it all out there better than I can say. I signed on primarily to be my own customer — I wanted that 24% average discount off retail rates.

I’d been involved in another Multi-Level Marketing company (a good one — I learned many valuable, positive things from that experience) in the 1980s, but with Young Living, I felt out of place when I heard other people’s stories. I didn’t need the money Young Living could offer. I didn’t need the travel opportunities. I didn’t need to retire my boss — I had already retired to a comfortable income at age 48. So why build a business when I didn’t need to? The answer is in the first paragraph. The key words are “to help my mom.” While I don’t need those things, scores of other people DO.

If you want or need those things, I want to help you achieve them. Why? Because I can, and you deserve it. Young Living is an incredibly solid, generous, positive company with a tremendous product line people need on a regular basis. It isn’t a get rich quick scheme, but if you’re willing to do the work, you can earn a sizable income quickly. You can be your own customer, or I can teach you a flexible, duplicatable system which you can teach to other people, and they can, in turn, teach to other people, and so on. No experience necessary, but whatever experiences you have in life will help you.

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Not so fast, you say? I respect that. Please. Wander the site, take some time to learn about my journey and my experiences. When you’re ready, let me know. I look forward to talking with you about where you want to go from here.